Change is constant. This is especially true in the marketing industry, where new technologies, tools, and trends evolve every day.


Change is constant. This is especially true in the marketing industry, where new technologies, tools, and trends evolve every day. The result is a sense of urgency to effectively adapt and integrate the changes while remaining consistent with the business’ image.


On the other hand, marketers now have a plethora of tools to aid them in their efforts of creating buzz and expanding their brand’s reach by providing a more targeted and personalized experience to the right customers. The main challenge lies in integrating knowledge and changes into solid digital strategies that are successful in the long-term. But if you find that you are still anxiously rolling in bed all night, trying to determine how to keep your business ahead of the curve, you might benefit from our list below: we gathered information from different marketing reports to bring you insights on the top concerns for digital marketers today and how to tackle them.


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Reaching customers across channels


A vast majority of marketers express concern about reaching the right customers, at the right time, with the right message. Because different channels require different types of messaging, it is important to understand the audience being targeted: their interests and behaviors can give you insight into the channels where they are most active and the type of content that will prompt them to engage. It is also important to understand that each platform works for differently, making some better for certain activities than others.


Marketers that take the time to immerse themselves into researching and getting to know their target audience sleep with one less worry at night.


Low confidence on digital marketing proficiency and performance


The general feeling of lack of training in digital marketing impacts marketers’ confidence on their performance levels: “less than half of digital marketers say they feel highly proficient in digital marketing”, while only 40% stating that their company marketing is overall effective. Digital marketing is growing quickly, so having marketers who are digitally competent and confident about their work can greatly improve your results.


Ann Lewnes, chief marketing officer at Adobe put it simply: “[…] the opportunity for marketers is too great to let uncertainty slow them down. Marketers who are bold in their digital marketing efforts and investments, who are taking smart risks, and who are training their teams to be more ‘digital ready’ will be in a great position to capitalize on digital’s full promise.”


Doubts about ability to measure analytics


Understanding how well your campaigns are working is important because it gives you insight on what needs improvement. But the amount of data and tools available today is unprecedentedly large, stemming from a variety of available channels, which creates confusion when measuring it in real-time. Marketers are able to track and understand their performance much better by integrating their analytics tools so that they more accurately reflect results throughout all channels.


Pressure of ROI emphasis


With the growing popularity of digital marketing, marketers are feeling more and more pressured to show return on investment on marketing spend. The digital world is defined by a sense of instantaneity, which creates pressure for marketers to prove results. They find themselves tracking the success of short-term campaigns and practically omitting the more impactful, long-term results. And truth be told, a truly effective marketing campaign is able to consistently establish brand value over time, cultivating loyalty among customers who will keep returning.


Keeping up with technology changes and getting ahead of the curve


More than anything, the marketing industry is quickly and continuously changing. Developing the ability to explore and creatively employ those changes is now essential, but it is also a challenge thanks to the amount of new tools released and updated every week. Marketers who keep current on the new technologies and platforms are more capable of implementing the changes and getting ahead of the curve, which puts them competitively on top.

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