FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, also known as Stempel College, combines the five major disciplines of public health, social work, dietetics and nutrition in an interdisciplinary environment. As a pioneering academic institution, the College is home to groundbreaking research programs that inspire positive change in the community.

With the sole mission to shape the future by integrating public health, dietetics, and nutrition, Stempel College supports the University’s commitment to the community while inspires groundbreaking research through an interdisciplinary education that strengthens and promotes the healthy lifestyle.

Benamor partnered with FIU to devise brand and campaign guidelines for Stempel College, with the goal of raising brand awareness and promoting the college’s innovative approach to an interconnected academic system with cutting-edge research and teaching opportunities.

Next to the tagline “Together for the Greater Good”, Benamor developed Stempel College’s brand promise and attributes, marketing pitches, brand strategy and rationale, logo and guidelines, creative campaign language and graphics, stationery templates, design templates, and design samples for ads, brochures, and social media.