Because flowers are happiness!



Sunshine Bouquet is dedicated to perfecting the process of growing flowers, understanding consumer demands, and designing beautiful arrangements that vibrantly fill a room with happiness.


It’s the smile on Mom’s face on mother’s day, the delight you feel when the most alluring arrangement is perfectly placed in the center of your living room, or the comfort they extend in a time of need. The energy and beauty the flowers bring don’t compare to the significance and excitment felt when they are received.

Developing a brand identity that will translate this takes a deep understanding of this sentiment. Sunshine Bouquet has been able to accomplish this season after season, with their commitment to producing the freshest, and most unique flowers, stemming from the passion of their highly motivated team.

Benamor has developed an assortment of brand directions, in respect to the companies previous identity and overall marketing image, keeping in mind first and foremost Sunshine Bouquet’s consumer base follows it’s brand positioning and core values. The following representations of the company were developed to portray BEAUTY, VIRIDITY, & PASSION, while expanding on its current image that is to become the signature of Sunshine Bouquet.