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Todd Michael Glaser

Todd Michael Glaser

Todd grew up in Miami Beach, Florida and was exposed to the architecture of Morris Lapidus and the beauty of the Mediterranean homes of Miami Beach, Palm Beach and Coral Gables. Todd worked as a Engineer for a Fire Sprinkler Company which enabled him to learn about building structure from the inside out. Todd drafted the plans for many of the buildings on Miami including the Jackie Gleason, the Miami International Airport, and flew to the Bahamas weekly to the Atlantis to do their fire sprinkler plans. This experience taught him everything he needed to know about construction from the start to finish of a building project. Todd then went on to purchase small homes renovate them and quickly sell them. His turn around time was recognized by his first investor which decided to make Todd a partner because the homes were selling too quickly for the investor to make any interest on his money. Todd then started building million dollar homes that sold in record time and brought new modern architecture to Miami Beach which was dominated by Mediterranean architecture. Todd has built condominiums, renovated masterpieces like the Carl Fisher Estate and Cher's Estate on La Gorce Island as well as sold homes to Billy Joel and Hulk Hogan. Todd's building speed, organizational skills and determination make him stand apart from others.

Creative Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, Coffee Table Book, Presentation, Production Management


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